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The Belmont At Saratoga And The Kentucky Derby's 150th Anniversary

It's hard to forget the feeling of clinging to the fences on the home stretch of Saratoga Race Course; being caught up in the enthusiasm of the race caller's voice ahead of a thunderous drumroll of horses rounding the far turn. My experience of the track may be limited, but my dad found the opportunity to know racing on a deeper level than most spectators. He trained and owned racehorses when I was younger and witnessed the personalities that set them apart from most other animals. "Horses aim to please and live to serve like none other," he declares despite the bite scars on his arm.

Still, he sets aside a weekend to drive up to Saratoga Springs to indulge in fine dining and horse racing: it is a tradition that has not been missed for 30 years. As a matter of fact, I don’t think he has ever been more excited than when he announced that the 2024 Belmont Stake Race would be hosted at Saratoga Race Course due to construction and it's no surprise why.

Saratoga Springs is an incredible stand-in venue for the Belmont 2024

Not only is it home to Skidmore College, but the beautiful Broadway District is teeming with restaurants, shops, public performances, and night life. If you are looking for more than spending time at the race course, it offers activities for families to picnic, explore, and casually enjoy a day under the sun. If you are attending Saratoga this summer, we highly recommend taking the time to walk through Saratoga Spa State Park. You may even be able to catch a weekend concert.

If you are looking for memorabilia to show your appreciation for Saratoga Race Course, you can find an assortment of lapel pins and other memorabilia here.

The Kentucky Derby's 150th Anniversary

In addition to the change in venue for the Belmont, this year also marks a special anniversary for the Triple Crown: the 150th year of the Kentucky Derby. The Derby was first ran in 1875 and is the first of three races that determine the best 3 year old racehorses in the country. It is perhaps one of the biggest races in sports, drawing in over 16 million views on streaming NBC and Peacock streaming services in 2023, a number that was greater than the viewing for the Daytona and Indy 500 races combined.

What is the appeal of this two minute horse race?

Besides the race itself being a fast-paced and edge-of-your-seat experience between the fastest racehorses, it also determines the horse that has a chance at finding a place in history. A Triple Crown Champion (the horse that places first in the Kentucky Derby and proceeds to win both the Preakness and Belmont races) has only been crowned 13 times in the last hundred years. While it is true that the Triple Crown Trophy was inaugurated in 1950, it awarded the horses that have won those races in the same year dating back to Sir Barton, the first Triple Crown winner in 1919.

Kentucky Derby 150th Lapel Pins and Memorabilia

There are several products on Classic Pins if you are looking to take home a little bit of the anniversary race with you. From lapel pins to flags, you can find them here.

This year's featured product is the Kentucky Derby 150th Anniversary Poster: a 30" x 20" colorful work of art by Wylie Caudill printed on premium matte finish cover paper.

Also, make sure to grab yourself the Anniversary Lanyard & Ticket Holder for the perfect souvenir to house your ticket and preserve your memory of the races!

Derby Day begins at 10:30AM at Churchill Downs on May 4th. Tune into NBC by 6:00PM to catch the pre-race ceremony.

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