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Preview: 2024 Final Four Championship Pins

Updated: Apr 11

March Madness playoff games are upon us. With the Men's and Women's NCAA Basketball Championship Games this weekend, we share our excitement about UConn, NC State, and then preview the Final Four Championship pin designs.

Can The Huskies Do It Again?

The UConn Huskies have consistently been a powerhouse school when it comes to NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball. They remain the only school to have won both the Men’s and Women’s Final Four Championship in the same year, an incredible feat that they have accomplished in 2004 and in 2014. This year, they have earned the opportunity to win both titles for a third time, further cementing their legacy as one of the top basketball universities in the world.

Will NC State take the spotlight?

The NC State Wolfpack Men's and Women's teams join UConn in the 2024 Final Four tournament. The Men's basketball team are the underdogs with more losses in their season than the other Final Four teams and will have to play at the top of their game to defeat Purdue in the first round. But, coming off a nine-game win streak, they have proven that it is possible.

The Wolfpack Women's team is also faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Heading into the finals 31-6, they must deliver the first loss to an undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks in Game 1.

Preview: the 2024 Final Four Championship Pins

Finals weekend starts tonight, meaning the Championship is right around the corner. Although the teams have not yet been determined, we are able to see the 2024 Final Four Championship pins for both the Men's and Women's Final Four.

2024 Final Four Champions Pins
2024 Men's Final Four Champions Banner Pin (Left) and Score Pin (Right)

The first two pins (shown above) are the Banner and Score Pins. Typically, these are the two designs that are in the highest demand. Important features to note are that the Banner Pin for this year will feature a canyon backdrop to represent Arizona's hosting of the tournament, while the more popular Score Pin will contain the scores of the final game beside a cut-out map of Arizona.

2024 Final Four Champions Pins
2024 Men's Final Four Champions Pin (Left) and Dangler Pin (Right)

The second two pins (shown above) are the Champs Pin and Dangler Pin. Similar to the two-tone glitter pin from last year, the Champs Pin is cut in a hexagonal shape and both will feature a canyon backdrop.

All four of the previous designs will be available for purchase after the Men's Championship on Monday, while the Women's Final Four Champs Pin (shown below) will be available for purchase after the game on Sunday night.

2024 Women's Final Four Champions Pins
Women's Final Four Champions Pin

Additionally, if you haven't seen them already, March Madness playoff pins have been out and are still available on Classic Pins. You can find them here!

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